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ECU Tuning

Unlock car potential with ECU tuning services

We take pride in offering cutting-edge ECU reprogramming services that unlock the hidden potential of your car, including those big and powerful horses. Whether you seek performance enhancement with a stage 1 or a more advanced optimization with a stage 2, our team of experts is ready to meet your specific needs.

ECU tuning is a sophisticated technique involving reprogramming the electronic control unit of your engine to achieve increased performance and improved energy efficiency. With our extensive knowledge in car engine reprogramming and car mapping, we cater to your driving and power requirements.

Contact us today by phone to learn more about our ECU tuning services and discover how we can enhance your car's performance. Our team will be delighted to guide you through the process and address all your inquiries.

ECU reprogramming; unleash car potential. Stage 1 & 2 available

We offer different levels of reprogramming to meet your specific expectations. Stage 1 is a popular option for drivers seeking a significant performance improvement without compromising their car's reliability (no parts change required). Through our car engine reprogramming, we adjust the ECU parameters to increase power and torque, while enhancing energy efficiency.

You'll notice a considerable difference in your daily driving, as your car becomes more responsive and you'll dare to take on more daring drives. For those in search of a more advanced optimization, our stage 2 offers even greater power increases. We can fully exploit your engine's potential, providing track-worthy performances.

If you're ready to enhance your car's performance with a stage 1 or stage 2, contact us by phone now. Our team of experts is here to advise you on the best option based on your needs and objectives.

Warranty & others

  • Our programming are custom made
  • Az Motorsport machined parts are guaranteed for 10 years
  • A free original discount
  • Fast delivery of parts
  • Road test with data logs
  • Power and torque increase guarantee
  • Test on Dyno available
  • Advice tailored to your vehicle and your driving
  • Loyalty program

Custom car mapping, prioritizing safety & performance for a premium experience

Personalization lies at the core of our ECU tuning approach. We believe in the power of customization to address the specific needs of each driver. When you choose Az Motorsport, you can be assured of an experience, from the entrance to the dyno testing and trials, tailored to you.

Your safety remains our priority. We implement rigorous engine programming testing procedures to ensure your car operates reliably and safely after ECU reprogramming. Our auto engineers' expertise enables us to make these adjustments while adhering to specifications.

By choosing our garage for your ECU tuning, you benefit from a passionate and highly qualified team delivering a premium experience. Our in-depth knowledge of the latest car mapping technologies allows us to optimize each engine parameter for optimal performance.

Performance-focused chip tune; expert team, trusted results, personalized approach

By opting for our tuning shop for your ECU performance improvement, you enjoy a multitude of advantages. Our personalized approach ensures you get the desired performance, whether you seek sportier driving or increased energy efficiency.

Don't hesitate to contact us by phone to discuss your automotive tuning needs. Our team is eager to share its expertise and help you achieve your performance goals. Trust our experience and passion for automobiles with our high-quality ECU tuning. We're both located in Montreal (Quebec) and Toronto (Ontario).