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The car at the heart of technological evolution

During the 20th century, automobile technology experienced a lot of progress. With new discoveries and advances, the technology is at it’s finest today. Cars have never been as performant as they are. Sadly, to be able to respect the standards and the constraints each country has, the motorist engineers had to restrain the full capacity of a car with the ECU, also called the electronic control unit or known as the electronic control module.

Our domain, here at Az motorsport, is to unlock all the potential of the ECU doing ECU tuning, chip performance or motor reprogrammation. Our engineers maximize the parameters of your car for it to be more powerful while remaining within the manufacturer’s standards. It’s by reprogramming the engine mapping of your car that your car will obtain a better performance which is called ECU tuning.

The motor reprogrammation made on the ECU offered by Az motorsport is custom made for your car by the best automobile specialists. The reprogrammation consists of increasing your car’s power (CV), torque (Nm) and reducing the uptake of fuel.

During these reprogrammations, it is also possible to add options such as, the launch control, the deactivation of the start & stop, the pops and bangs, the control flap, the no lift shift, the cold start and the hard rupteur.

For those who want to win in power while having fun by adding certain options, Az motorsport helps you realize your requirements. Our knowledge in cars and in the motor environment allows us to realize the best work possible while respecting the limits and reliability of your car.

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